Monday, November 10, 2008

Card Sketch a Day challenge #116

This challenge was alot of fun. Really thinking outside the box with this shape.

I want everyone to know that I will be taking a week off of blogging. I won't be back until next Monday. My husband has a week long training seminar in the city next door to where my parents live. I am going to go with him and hang out with them for the week. Then on the weekend we are going to Lake Geneva and having a stay on the lake with a jacuzzi and possibly a day trip to the spa.
Have a great week everyone and see you in two shakes of a stick.


  1. oooh this is really unusual Kristen but gorgeous too :D
    Hope you have a fabulous trip and lots of fun... don't forget to tell us all about it when you get home :D
    Chris xx

  2. have a great trip enjoy the jacuzzi and the lake.

    thanks for the link to the soup bowl design lol.
    safe journey.
    chriss x


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