Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Merry Christmas from the Windy City.

This is some handpainted paper from Italy that was in a box of my husband's mother's things. He said I could create with it. It is either that or it will stay in a box for another 50 years. So I cuttlebugged a cityscape and added some snowflakes. The Merry Christmas is the bottom of a Stampin' up sentiment embossed with red tinsel.

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  1. A very nice husband Kristen

    having very old paper to play with...think some of my stash goes back 10yrs lol.

    Well what about those I want some,
    rofpmsl when I saw them...tomorrow I will put a link on both blogs for readers to come and see

    Nice to see you back and hope you had the best time.

    chriss x


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