Thursday, November 20, 2008

Same Stamp Same Day

Same Stampendous image, but with a little different layout.
We have some flurries today, just a whisper of a flake every now and again. It is 31*F
I bought a Pine and Citrus candle while we were up in Wisconsin, and I just lit it about an hour ago. It smells divine.
I am also thinking of starting a food blog and putting out what I had for dinner because I keep finding the best recipes. So watch for that if you like to cook. I will post if it was a winner or loser and how easy it was, and where I got the recipe from. I think it will be a winner because people are always asking me for ideas for dinner and recipes.


  1. lovely cards,
    and a new profile piccie, me likes.
    tell me when you get your foodie blog up and running pls.
    have a nice weekend.
    chriss x

  2. Kris..
    great new format here on your blog.. it looks magnificent.. everything is TOPS!!! keep up
    your great work...


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