Thursday, December 18, 2008

America's Not so Top Model "C" and Darkside Entry

Corrina even has a corset piercing up her back. She was little too "Goth" for the judges but her piercing blue eyes were gorgeous. She just slept in EVERY day and it wasn't tolerated, so she got cut. At least she wasn't a biter like AmyJo. At least to people who weren't expecting to be BITTEN.


  1. too spooky for me, Kristen...LOL!

  2. Oh Kristen I love her !!! She is brilliant and i love her corset fastening too :) Love your entry and will add it later in the week as i am adding a few at a time from now on ... hope thats ok. thanks so much for your fabulous work it makes the darkside worthwhile
    Hugs J


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