Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I need a paper doll of me too!

I see everyone's wonderful altered paper dolls. I thought, I need one of those for myself. So here is my paper doll. And I even left my face alone for once and didn't change the color or effect. Now the secret is out to what I look like.


  1. Hello Kirsten, love this paper doll nice to see you to see you nice.

    just off to check out to see what I have missed as I have been absent for a little while.

    chriss x

  2. Hi Kristen i love your art doll she is brilliant and its nice to see your face too.
    Thanks also for you great comment on my 'art on the darkside challenge blog. Its brand new and i am hoping to soon get lots of interest in it. I just added challenge 2 and as you say its kind of delicious to address the dark side of art hehehe
    Once again thanks Kristin
    Hugs June x

  3. ROFL... Kristen you are a lovely art doll too... they are quite addictive so I will be looking to see what your next outfit will be :D
    Chris xx

  4. That's great my what skinny legs you have :D ,enjoyed my visit to your blog , Juliet


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