Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pookala Pookala

This is Maya, begging for my quesadilla. She is 10, blind, and sweeter than anything in the world. The pupils of her eyes look like clouds swirling. From farther away it looks like she has ice blue eyes. She is a super happy dog, and can find the person with the food no matter where they are in the house. She keeps close during walks using my left leg as a guide. She has taught me much patience, which I didn't have before her. I thought of her when I saw Ed's sweet dog on her blog. Ed's looks like a graying old friend too.


  1. a dog is a wonderful friend to have and cherish...I miss my "ladydog", she was the sweetest mutt you ever saw and very loyal and loving...hug Maya for me :)
    Your Green Bay pal, Deb

  2. What a wonderful dawgie! She sounds so special, you obviously love her to bits - and she, you!

  3. Absolutely priceless photo, and thanks for what you said - our old lab spent the first 4 years of his life locked in an outdoor coal-shed. He looked like an honey-coloured greyhound - thankfully they didn't take his lovely nature away, because he has taught me so much too Kristen. Maya is gorgeous, give her a bonio for me :-)


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