Monday, December 29, 2008

You Dumped Him!!!!!

This is made from some of the RAK sent from Chris. Thank you Blingkineck! I couldn't think too far outside the box with this one, but it sure was fun doodling on it.

Could you imagine not really even liking your spouse, then after your divorce (4 YEARS LATER) going on to his new wife's craft blog and checking up on her numerous times??? I mean really, am I that interesting??? I think she doesn't realize that the little flag counter on the side bar shows who has been coming to visit me. Including her friends and I think her mom even. It is sooo funny. Especially since she is in her 60s and not her 20s like one would think with this type of behavior.

I guess I could tell her all about my sex life or all the exciting places Kyle and I go, but she is keeping an interest with what I eat and my cards. If you want to know all about my cervical and ovarian cancer,and how I lost the ability to have children at 24, give me a jingle, I think you still have the number. Maybe you would like me to take pictures to show I have a scar from hip to hip?

Or maybe you would like to know that I am natural red-head of Finnish, English, Irish decent. I die my hair dark brown because with heels I am 6 feet tall and a 6 foot red-head with a 164 IQ can be quite intimidating. And, no billionaire in the history of billionaires has ever been married to a red head. (True statistic) I guess Kyle's not a billionaire, but with a 30 year age difference I supposedly wanted him for his money (too bad I have enough of my own and don't need a man to provide for me). But go ahead and think what you want, you are going to anyway. And no, you didn't anger me, you are giving me and my friends the laugh of our life. I just wanted my fellow bloggers to know the joke of the day too. Happy New Year, and God bless.


  1. Just love what you did with that dumper truck from Chris and hey the rest of the post... you go girl.

    have a wonderful 2009.

    looking forward to what you get up to next year..I know we have only just met but keep in touch Kristen and thanx for making me laugh twice today.

    chriss xx
    lol word verification is BRAVERR

  2. Oh I love this one Kristen its fabuous and the colour work is amazing
    Hugs June


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