Friday, January 16, 2009

13 I hear 14, 15, 16...

Okay, I had at one time decided that when I got to 13 followers (my lucky number) I would do a RAK. But I would really like more followers for one. I also would like you to post a comment on how I could get a bigger turnout on my blog. I would like to start getting into possibly designing stamps, or dies, or paper or something of my own and I want to get a huge fan base. Also in your post I want to know your favorite color. Is that so hard? I know you can do it. Follow those simple rules...and your name could be hand drawn by my husband on the 25th of January, 2009 to win a surprise in your mailbox.
1. give me a good idea in your post on how to attract the masses. (or let me know what about the blog you like/don't like.)
2. tell me your favorite color in your post.

PS. I won a RAK from Bling-kin-eck and it was too fun to get all the little pieces/parts in the mail. I am still playing.


  1. oh will have to give this a little thought and come back to you.

    it really does take time to build up your followers for all of us.

    you may well have followers that visit every day but just have not joined the followers yet.

    I am sure some of them will read this post and join up.

    have a lovely weekend

    chriss x

  2. One idea could be to advertise your blog on any craft sites you go on, for example putting the addy in your signature. I know on Trimcraft websire they have a blog follow post in the cardmaking I think it is.

    Fav colour is orange.

    Jane :0)

  3. Kristen i have always loved your blog and i know you will soon get more followers.
    In the meantime try some of these :

    ask for people posting on this post also to add a link to their blog ( I shall add it anyway in my arty retreat blog )
    Also You could try doing some of the blog challenges as lots of people seem to add on to each others when they are doing challenges
    I reckon you will soon get some more people as you are a great blogger
    Hugs June xxx
    ps/ my fave colour is GREEN or PURPLE ( love them equally )

  4. Tutorials are great as they bring people in from web searches.
    My favourite colour is green all shades. Good luck, Juliet

  5. Hello,

    visit blogs and leave comments that are genuine. This inspires folks to visit you and see what you are up to. Also do prompts or challenges from other blogs, writing or art etc. This brings folks around to visit.
    wishing you the best.

  6. I would do more challenges, because the more you win the more people will look at your blog. You asked for my favorite color, mine's yellow.

  7. I was only going to say about visiting lots of blogs and leaving comments but that has already been said. There always seem to be lots and lots of followers on these weekly challenge blogs so it would be a very good idea to do as many of those as possible as June suggested.
    I would only like to add that your blog is lovely - your cards are always really different and I love your sense of humour - the followers will come I am sure.
    xxx Karen
    My fave colour is purple.

  8. Hello, I think all you need to do is visit other blogs and leave a comment, most times they will come back to yours to see who you are and your work soon as they see your gorgeous posts they will keep coming back :-)
    My favourite colours I think are browns and blues and pink - bit of a difference but I luv 'em all xx

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