Friday, January 16, 2009

Card Sketch a Day Challenge

Make a card with a spool on it. I hand drew this spool, and put it on some of my favorite Basic Grey paper. The string on the spool is some left over yarn from one of my mother's knitting projects. (She gives her leftover scraps and they become future treasures!!!)
We have all had a friend who was obsessing about something, and here is a gentle reminder for her to LET IT GO ALREADY! Right?
I have added a link to the card sketch a day site on the right. Sometimes they can give you a needed push into getting your card mojo back.


  1. What a great card! Thanks for taking the ~Card Sketch A Day~ blogs Friday Friends Challenge! I've added your card to the site!

  2. This is just amazing.... totally amazing!!!!!

  3. who is a clever sew n sew... you are.

    love it.

    chriss x

  4. That is too funny, Chriss. I love that comment!

  5. Wow love all your cards very unique!

    Jane :0)


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