Thursday, January 15, 2009

Congrats on the new Baby...

I took a yellow card...inked the edges. I then layered a purplish-grey piece over the top and qk out a circle so the yellow would show through. The tree is the 11" border tree, but I cut it down because this card is only 4x5.5".
The type is METRO uni-case qk. The owl is also a quickutz die (the 2x2).
This could be a congrats on a new baby, or a SURPRISE!!! we are having a baby, or an invite to a RAVE if you don't have a baby. Maybe it's an invite for hot and spicy food, and your recipient is prone to heartburn. I don't think there are any heartburn cards on the market.


  1. great play on words for a new baby.

    what a hoot.

    chriss x

  2. Love it - clever play on words as Chriss says.......hugs xxx


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