Thursday, January 29, 2009

Self Challenge, sketch of Husband

The TV was on, and the assignment in the workbook was to draw flowers in line drawing, but to show that they were 3D. I just tossed my recent flowers, and don't like silk ones, so I drew my DH instead. I told him to watch TV and be comfy, and SIT STILL! And he complied. :)
I am starting to get real happy with my sketches.


  1. Just got to say, I'm loving your sketches. Keep it up! Take care, Susan

  2. Woweeee Kristen your sketching is amazing... I love this one especially as I am rubbish at sketching people no matter how hard I try :D
    Chris xx
    p.s. I did tag you but for some reason the link was broken so I will put it right... only take part if you have time though ;-)

  3. Awesome sketch! I enjoy seeing your sketches each day.


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