Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tag, I'm it, now you're it!

Here I am at 9 1/2 months old. Proof of the red hair. (It is more dark brown now, and die it a bit darker with a bit of a red hue added). I got tagged from Chris today on her blog. I was supposed to take the 6th picture, from my 6th album out of my picture storage from the computer. Well the virus ate all those pictures. So, I took the 6th picture out of my photo album. Good enough.
Now I have to tag 6 others to post photos on their blogs from their 6th photo from the 6th album. (If that doesn't apply, then just pull one out of your stash).
So here are the 6
1. Jane (PS I mailed your RAK today so it should arrive in 5-10 days)
2. Ed thanks, thanks for doing the 25 things too; that was fun.
3.Jaque who luckily hasn't froze in their inclement weather.
4.Susan thanks, I hope you don't mind, since we just met.
5. June thanks, do you have any dark photos?
6.Julietk I hope you all have time.
And if you are not one of these 6 people, click on their name and get transported into a tranquil world of other people's talent. They are all worth checking on. Thanks


  1. oooooooh Kristen you were a real cool cutie weren't you!! What a gorgeous baby you were...and that red hair...hope you didn't have a temper to match :D
    Thanks for taking part even though you had no pics on your computer... you're a star!!
    Have a great day
    Chris xx

  2. Kristen, thanks for the tag. I have been tagged several times this month and they have all been different. I am working on some way to incorporate a bit from them all.

    That is such a cute picture. I love those old photos. Take care, Susan

  3. Look forward to receiving the RAK, thanks.

    ALso thanks for tagging me!!

    Jane :0)


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