Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Virus!!!

Yesterday, while typing away chatting to a friend on Facebook, I received a fatal message warning. It said, your computer may be infected with 3 worms or trojans...Would you like to download Microsoft's 2009 virus protection. The logo was the same as microsoft (or similar). So, I clicked yes. And whammo, all my pictures, cards, jokes, poems, memories. Gone. My computer is from 2004, so now I am behind on 5 years of updates. It took me 4 hours of messing around to get a workable archaic piece of goomba on my desk.
All my favorite places are lost. All the people I was following, are gone.
I have to re-install everything onto my computer. It will never be what it was. Now it is as though I have a brand new 2004 computer with nothing on it. At least my modem works. I can't chat with people for some reason on facebook, and now I can't listen to Rhapsody. I am debating on getting a new computer.
Then, to top it all off, on Tuesday I found out I was one sugar point away from being a full fledged diabetic. Luckily it is in the reversible stage. My triglycerides were high. Which means I even have fat in my blood. UGGH! With the Clean Eating my husband and I started on December 14Th of 2008, I am down 11 pounds. That should be a big help.
Anyway...if I was following you and no longer am, that is why. Please don't stop coming to see me or think I am mad at you. I just have a little hiccup.
Why can't people smart enough to ruin our computers do something useful like FIND A CURE FOR DIABETES???


  1. Oh sweetie, what rotten luck :( I hope everything turns around now and gets better. Yes i think i have had the message before too and its very dangerous so i am glad i didnt do the same as you. There is nothing worse and i am sad for you and do hope you will soon get back all the most precious things.
    Last year i bought an external hard drive and every now and then i copy and move stuff to that so that its backing up a lot of my photo's and other folders. It wasn't expensive and has lots of storage space so maybe thats an option for you ?

    Hugs June x

  2. Kristen, I just sent you an e-mail but thought I would post it here again too....we have Norton Anti virus on our work and home computer and it has helped with this type of thing. I know that it has literally quanteened a couple of virus' before getting into our computer.

  3. thanks for coming to visit my blog!, I'm so sorry to hear about your puter problems, I myself had probs last year, thankfully didn't loose anything so you have my sympathy.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your lovely work!

  4. Kristen, I am diabetic. I know how you must feel.

    By the virus are a pain. I have a new computer because of them. I don't know if thats a bad thing or good. I love my new computer. I also have a external hard drive.

    I started learning photoshop 10 years ago. You can never learn everything, program are always upgrading. I work for a newspaper and design all day long. But never fun stuff. If want to learn let me know.


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