Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bad Hair ATC

It was Freshman year, I went to our longtime hair stylist CJ (she passed away so I can use her real name, and NO I didn't off her because of the worst hair cut ever!) I brought the Sun-In ad and the cutest cut ever! It didn't work well with my hair, she should have known better. I sat in the chair and cried for the first time since maybe 4th grade when I sat on my glasses and busted them. My hair curled up like a mini-fro. No pins, gel or headbands would work. If I tried to brush it straight it just grew bigger.
This was one week before I started my freshman year of high school. I wonder why no one ever asked me out this year??? What an awful way to start a new school.
So here, I share it with you, and the girls at ATC Wednesday. I hope you all have a great laugh. I know my brother did when I came home from the salon 22 years ago with this on my head.


  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaah bless. I always wished that I had curly hair when I was young but now I'm not so sure!!!
    Ali xx

  2. Love it Kristen, well the idea anyway - didn't you like your hair curly? Is it natural curls or a perm? It's a nice photo anyway.

  3. Oh Kristen... I know what you mean about the curls... I have them too!!!


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