Friday, February 27, 2009

Finished It Friday

Here are picture of the DH! I actually have the original letter to Santa where he asked for the cowboy gear in the next Layout Page.

The ideas are from the Starting Blox from Scrapyland. I have their link in the box on the right if you haven't seen it before now.

You get the Starting Blox idea on Sunday and then Susan posts the pages for Finished it Friday.

These pictures are over 50 years old!!! So, get out those pictures...

With the weekly sketch, I am finding it easy to get through these photos little by little. It makes an easy job out of what could be a huge overwhelming chore. Please keep in mind that these are my first attempts at scrap booking, so they aren't great like some of the pages that people are posting. But hey, one has to start somewhere! Happy weekend everyone. I am going to go and play with my Green Bay, Wisconsin Quickutz card club friends this weekend at an all day Crop for a Cause.

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  1. Hey great pics. I have all of my mom's pictures that I want to do for her but it seems like such a huge task. Maybe I will try and do some of those for the starting blox next time. Thanks for your comments on my blog...have a great time at your crop!


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