Saturday, February 7, 2009

A frustrating try.

I tried to alter the unicorn at SoArtful and ended making something that looked like a crumpled piece of paper, instead of some of the beautiful art that so many others create. I am trying Adobe Illustrator on a free trial for 30 days. Right now I plan on saving the $600.00 UGH!!! I thought I would share my crumpled mess though, because it is how I feel. Art is much easier for me when I can just put my pen to the paper and draw. So, if you would like to see some talented submissions, go and check out Soartful . June and the other ladies have a handle on this altered art stuff. I, on the other hand, have a long way to go. At least I was willing to try. I just hope June doesn't think I didn't take her challenge seriously, because I did.


  1. Nobody who tries anything new should ever give up after the first attempt - it always seems to go easier after a few mistakes...
    anyway - what are mistakes to artists but 'design opportunities'

  2. Hi Kristen, Oh thanks so much for trying this out and for doing the challenge and making it all worthwhile for me. This is cute and Its lovely that you did the challenge. You are welcome as everyone is, to do the challenge with physical art as well as digital but its nice that you are learning digital and venturing into a new kind of art. I enjoy being able to play on digital as well as physical as its very relaxing and there is so much you can do. I hope you get to play some more and i know you will love it
    Thanks for supporting me Kristen .. you are an angel
    Hugs June

  3. Well at least you are trying Kristen some would give up at the first hurdle. Just wait you will end up a pro I betcha.
    I struggled with digi stuff for an age but I love it now :D
    Chris xx

  4. Kristen...congratulations on your try! This is cute and who knows the possibilities it might have for you down the road? Photoshop is not give yourself a pat on the back and a virtual high five from me!

  5. Well you did better than I did Kristen! Great try and it's a fascinating picture now -- nobody'd know what it once was!!!
    Ali xx


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