Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Go Kreate Shop-A-Holic Die-Cut

I have the Go Kreate Shop-A-Holic Die from Scrapyland. This one seems limited at first, I made the Hop-A-Holic card with the bunny a few weeks ago, and then it sat on my desk. Then this morning I thought...I have a bunch of blank gift card holders that need embellishments. What a great way to use this die. HB = Happy Birthday, Girlfriend here's some money to go shopping.

Or something a little simpler. The die comes with two "A" choices, and I wanted to show them both in this post. This is Sticky Backed Fun Foam! It cuts through this with ease. And all the letters per word come out, so no positioning. I love whole word die-cuts.

I little bit retro, with some ribbon. The stamps are Stampin' Up products and so are the gift card holders. They come with envelopes and are really fun to use instead of "Here's your gift card." You get "LOOK AT THIS! IT'S ALMOST AS IF I TOOK THE TIME TO GET YOU A GIFT!!!"

Here is the inside of one of the gift cards. I have spent all my gift cards, I usually do the day after receiving them. So, I thought I would brown-nose a bit and put the Scrapy Land Logo card in where the gift card goes and you can see how the gift card would attach.


  1. Love all these Kristen, just love them !!

  2. Hey Kristen, First off, thanks for the award and secondly, I like all three of these cards, looks like you had fun with them. I just may have to learn how to do this type of thing soon. Take care, Susan


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