Monday, February 16, 2009

I chose Gypsies

Today at June's Soartful Challenges you could choose, chocolate, candies the color of chocolates or a gypsy. I chose to draw a gypsy.
I drew this girl with all her beautiful, colorful make-up and jewelry in true gypsy fashion. She is young, but wise beyond her years.


  1. oh Kristen - I just want your gypsy's lips!

    beautiful work chica!!! really really AMAZING!


  2. What a gorgeous girl! Well done!
    Ali xx

  3. I like her so very much. Kindred spirit, perhaps? TC, Susan

  4. oh wow this is great!!! I love the colours....

  5. Kristen, this is gorgeous! I love the colors..what an amazing job you did. Very well done!

  6. Hi Kristen, Beautiful painting and i love that you chose the gypsy in this challenge. I love your art work and she is just one fab wild lady !!
    Hugs June x


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