Friday, March 20, 2009

Make a Carte Postale Moo

Here is my moo for Make a Moo or Two. The theme is Carte Postal. I took some stamp images and attached them to a card, distressed and inked the edges and punched holes in to add visual interest.

This reminds me of my brother's stamp collection...
When we were little (about 5 and 12 years old) Karl had a stamp collection. I thought I would help him out and glued all the stamps into the squares provide, with GLUE!! 1st of all you are supposed to use photo corners, and second of all I didn't realize the picture, country and monetary value had to match before you put it into the book. He came into my room after he go home from school and told me I could have the book now. I said, "Because I did such a good job on it?" He shouted "NO BECAUSE YOU RUINED IT!!!" I wish I still had that book, it would be fun to play with now.

I sent cancelled stamps to my friends in Wales and Finland as part of my ATC trade. Maybe they can use them on this!


  1. Superb work Kristen and i love the originality of this one
    Hugs June xxx

  2. Wow this is fantastic.
    Wonderful moo.

  3. so many nice elements in your moo! and your blog is so springy and cheerful!!

  4. I love how you incorporated all the stamps so effectively.


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