Thursday, March 26, 2009

No Wire Hangers...Yes Mommy, Dearest.

Today I finished my piece for SoArtful, and it made me think it would have also been a great Darkside Challenge. The challenge is Dolls. All I could think of was, clean your room, and being tortured by my big brother, and Mommy Dearest. "I'm not touching you." And all the fun things that childhood brought. I really wanted to run dark with this piece, maybe I will re-do it someday. I can't wait to see what the other participants make with this one...Go check it out, it's never a disappointment!


  1. Love it!! I read the book and saw the movie..she was something else, wasn't she? This is another great piece, Kristen.

  2. Oh Kristen, I know just what you mean .. dolls are creepy and secretly i was hoping someone would do a darker piece for this soartful challenge. When i get more time and get back to doing my challenges proper i shall do another doll challenge but for the darkside hehe :)
    Thanks for this one ... you are a gem !!
    Hugs June xxx

  3. Kristen you are so good or should I say bad! I love your! My favorite pieces of yours!


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