Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Transformation from Winter to Spring

This is a drawing I did today on printed paper. I loved watching the print of the paper come through my drawing and watching it get lighter and lighter with the layers of pencil and marker I applied as I went.
To go with the theme of Transformation at the Daily Art Stop I thought I would start with a chrysalis. I then added some leaf buds, and tulips, and then daffodil shoots coming out of the ground, new grass. This bunny just came in on his own, uninvited, and crept in sideways belly deep in the grass. He's lucky bunnies are my favorite.


  1. I like that drawing and am finding little details in it like the hearts in the bunnies ears and I am sure I saw the word doodles in his wiskers :D

  2. What a fab drawing! I lovwe the hearts in the bunny's ears.

    Thanks for your lovely comment. :)


  3. You are so clever Kristen - your little bunny is a darling with his sweetheart ears...

  4. Hello Kitty means in finnish Hei Kissanpentu! And this Hueva/Hyvä Kissa means Good Kitty/Cat.=)

    Your mail came this morning by the way! Thanks a lot!=) I´ll post it later...

  5. I love your bunny drawing! so whimsical and fun! :)


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