Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A second try at photoshop. Whewww!

Here is a simple photo alteration with Photoshop.  I used a few tools.  Not quite up to par yet, but it probably is fun to see a transition from know nothing to got it going on!  I had fun with this, and tried playing with the tools.  This is just Photoshop Elements, so I am not sure if it has all the tools to work with as Photoshop.  My brother is a pro at Graphic Arts!!!  He can use Quark, Adobe, blah, blah, blah.  He makes forms though, not art.  Not that what he can do isn't challenging, he just has an excellent talent for these programs as a printer.  This is for the Dark Side Challenge blog!  Go there and check out the work that the other artists do, and you will see why I am not jumping up and down to advertise myself and my work at the present stage.  Thank you for looking.  And thank you everyone for the helpful advice on getting started with Photoshop~and letting me know it was a difficult program to work with.


  1. You are really getting me interested in the photoshop thing, is there an easier version, that someone that just wants to play around can work with

  2. Brilliant, looks like your getting addicted.

  3. If I were you, I WOULD jump up and down. I've had Elements for over a year and the most I can do is crop photos! So, you've definitely impressed me.


  4. I knew you could do it - Go Kristen!!!
    Ali xx

  5. Fabulous work - just love all of it, I admire peeps who are good at digital imagery, wish I was.

  6. Hi Kristen, Thanks so much for doing this one. Hey i think its fab. I am not good with photoshop at all so i am impressed too. I use paint shop pro and a couple of others but always found photoshop hard work.
    well done this is great !!!

    Thanks for adding to the challenge. Vron is unable to help out any more due to too many comitments but she has been so good for darkside and i hope i wont disappoint you all this next week with the new challenge
    Hugs June x


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