Thursday, April 16, 2009


This is a sketch I did, and then modified it a bit with color on the computer just to try playing with Photo Shop.  It isn't a huge alteration, but one needs to start small.  This is for the hands challenge at Soartful.  If I were proficient in digital art, I would have had my hand opening up at the palm and butterflies flying out of it.  (Someday.)  I am trying to get used to my new computer.  I got a laptop iMAC the other day with wireless internet, so I can play where ever I may go.  I just hooked up my scanner to it, luckily the HP website has all their software ready to download, because I didn't have the software for MAC, on for PC.  Hope you like my hand holding a hopefully lucky clover.


  1. really cool Kristen, one of these days I would love to learn to play with photoshop, it sounds like a fun way to make art, without the mess :)

    Thanks so much for following my blog, I am so excited.

  2. Wow, Kristen..this is lovely! You did an awesome job with this theme!

  3. This is unique! So far, "playing" with Photoshop for me is akin to pulling out my fingernails. I still revert to my old familiar Digital Image Pro. Love your work here!

  4. Hi Kristen,
    I am so sorry to be so late getting over here and back to soartful. Its just been one of those weeks :( My connection has been unstable online and also been babysitting more than usual so forces combined ... i ws held up.
    Never mind, here now lol. Thanks for asking about Adam, he is doing ok but finding it hard to cope and depression setting in. Its so hard and i can only do so much to help . I get frustrated. Anyway I have Hayden here today ( adams son who is 3 ) and hoping it will give his mum and dad some respite.
    I adore what you did with this one Kristen. Its a definite WOW as Tacey said. I love all the elements which went into this creation and made it such a fun one to look at . What an amazing artist you are my friend. Thanks so much for doing the challenges .. i love to see such excellent results.
    Well best get going and post it up on soartful
    Hugs and happy weekend
    June xxx

  5. wow, this is so detailed! You have lots of creative vision!


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