Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Take off, it's a beauty way to go!!!

Happy 1 year Birthday to A Spoon Full of Sugar!  This card is celebrating that fact with a celebratory greeting.
It is a wedding card for Love and Marriage the theme today for My Time to Craft #62.
And a late entry for Mojo Monday wonderful sketch!!!

The frame is My Mind's Eye which came in the mail yesterday as a WIN for a card from Beary Box.
The floral paper is DCWV Summer Stack
The other paper is Lime Rickey from Basic Grey
The images are Lisa's Altered Art
Celebrate is from Kolette Hall
And the Welcome to the Wedded Bliss club is Stampin' Up!
This is for Order of the Opus Gluei Challenge #9 Get Away
And ic Sketches provided the sketch.
The paper is Basic Grey assorted papers
Some fussy cut ephemera.
The song Take off by Bob and Doug McKenzie was a little of the inspiration because I sing this song every time I am packing my suit case.

Spoken) This is where the DJ talks. Don't say anything, okay? 
(Spoken) Okay, eh? 

(Sung) Cooo, loo, coo, coo, coo, coo, coo, coooo! 
(Sung) Cooo, loo, coo, coo, coo, coo, coo, coooo! 

(Spoken) Okay. Good day. Welcome to our single. I'm Bob McKenzie and 
this is my brother Doug. 
(Spoken) How's it going, eh? 

(Spoken) Beauty, eh? 
(Spoken) Yeah, I like that. 

(Spoken) Okay. (Okay.) 
(Spoken) Okay, everyone. This record was my idea. 
(Spoken) Get out! 
(Spoken) It was. 
(Spoken) You're lying! 
(Spoken) He... Hosehead here just sort of rides on my coattails. 
(Spoken) Why are you doing this? It was our idea together, eh? 
(Spoken) Yeah, okay. 
(Spoken) (Yeah, okay.) 
(Spoken) We agreed to... to say that, but... 
(Spoken) Ah, take off! 


Take off! To the Great White North! 
Take off! It's a beauty way to go. 
Take off! To the Great White North! 

(Spoken) Decent singing, eh? 
(Spoken) Yeah. 
(Spoken) Yeah, he's good. 
(Spoken) Okay, so Good Day. Our topic today is music. 
(spoken) That's right like, cause my brother and I are now experts in 
the field. 
(Spoken) Yeah, right, cause we're a band now. (Yeah, yeah, so...) 
(Spoken) And ummm... Well, except for him, I'm a band. 
(Spoken) Aww. How can you do that? Making me look bad. You're such a 
(Spoken) Yea? Well, take off! 


(Guitar solo) 

(Spoken) Hey, hosehead. 
(Spoken) Yeah, what? 
(Spoken) Yeah, listen to this what's coming. You know what it is? 
(Spoken) What? 
(Spoken) It's a drum solo! 
(Spoken) Okay, everyone, like this is me on the drums! 
(Spoken) Oh, get out! It is not. You're not... 
(Spoken) It is so! 
(Spoken) Stop lying, will ya? 
(Spoken) Take off, eh! 
(Spoken) Aww... 


Take off! 

Ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo, ooooo! 
Ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo, ooo, ooooo! 

(Repeat to end of song) 

(Spoken) Beauty, eh? 
(Spoken) Like magic, eh? It's coming in. 
(Spoken) Well, that's like... 
(Spoken) It's like it was sung by angels. 
(Spoken) Hey, hosehead. 
(Spoken) Yeah, what? 
(Spoken) Guess what? 
(Spoken) What? 
(Spoken) It's over! 
(Spoken) Take off! That can't be it! 
(Spoken) Well... It is, yeah. Yeah, it is. 
(Spoken) Why? 
(Spoken) Because, well, hit records are short. Like, they... 
(Spoken) No way. 
(Spoken) ...yeah, they're not that long. 
(Spoken) Okay. So, that's our topic for today. So, Good Day! 
(Spoken) Good day! 

(Shouted) Ay, you guys! 
(Spoken) What? 
(Shouted) Take off! 

(Spoken) Wait! No! 
(Spoken) Hey! Don't go! 
(Spoken) No! Come back, eh? 
(Spoken) Aww. Look what you did! Everybody's gone because of you! You said... 
(Spoken) Come back! I won't let him do it again! 
(Spoken) My fault, eh? 
(Spoken) Yeah, your fault. 
(Spoken) You are such a hoser. 
(Spoken) There's no way I'll ever do another record with you Hoser. 
(Spoken) Okay, that's fine! I'll do a solo album. 
(Spoken) Fine then, you'll be looking for me... 
(Spoken) Yeah? I will not. 
(Spoken) ...on another label. 
(Spoken) Aww. Now everybody's gone. 
(Spoken) So? 
(Spoken) Good day! 
(Spoken) Good day!

And here I am for the picture of the day.  I am the youngest on my dad's chest there.  My brother and sister are in this shot with us.  Bean Bags were the best, eh?  I gotta take off, I will see you later with some more makes for the masses.  I have to go pick up my lenses so I can see without glasses again.  I only missed the order by one day and my glasses are driving me crazy.


  1. what a nice picture of your family.
    your cards are wonderful

  2. Nice card! great job! ~Olena~

  3. Eh you, these are beauty - now let's go have some beer and back bacon. Glad to know there's someone else out there who gets the true genius of this SCTV classic!

    Love the card (BTW)

    Take off now, you hoser! (tee hee)


  4. Fabulous card...
    Beautiful post!!
    Thanks for joining in with ICS a pleasure to see you there..
    Have a lovely week:) ♥

  5. I am so loving your cards, Kristen! You are indeed an artisan!

    I adore that photo...yes, beanbags were great!

    Thank you for visiting my blog!

  6. LOL... my dad's favorite line :)
    Best of luck with your challenges and thanks for the jolt down memory lane!

  7. Your cards are amazing. I love the wedded bliss. Too cute. And your Take Off is so nicely done. Bean bags were/are so cool. Great family photo. You are so cute there looking all innocent. Thanks for playing with us again. You really do "GET" us.

  8. What a great job you have done with these.
    Thanks for joining us this week at ICS
    Karen x

  9. Gorgeous card,thanks for playing along with ASFOS this week,Hugs Debbie x

  10. Great cards, thanks for taking part in the MTTC challenge xx

  11. Oh my goodness they are both beauties! Fantastic job working with the sketch! Thanks for joining us! :)

  12. What great cards! I love them both. The pic of the family is so sweet! Thanks for your encouraging words on my blog! You are so sweet!

  13. ...please where can I buy a unicorn?

  14. ...please where can I buy a unicorn?

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  17. Thanks mate... just dropped by. Will look for BIKE STN when we get to Seattle. Still in Buenos Airies.


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