Monday, November 9, 2009

A new friend!

Here is my new baby, she is about 11 weeks old, and her name is Jenna. She is too cute for words, and just a sweet! What a good baby! Hopefully she will nap and I can make some cards!!! See you later :)


  1. oh my heavens!!! what a cutie pie Kristen!!! you will have so much fun with her!!!

  2. She is adorable. Congratulations. Can't wait until you start posting all her antics.

  3. oh my gosh kristen what a cutie , dont forget to get her started on heartworm prevention and flea prevention . always the worry wart Iknow LOL !!!

  4. She really is gorgeous, Kristen..

  5. Tooooo cute for words, and look how well she holds still for the camera, I just want to squeeze her.
    Thanks for the picture :)

    If you had a "real baby" I don't think I'd even comment on it, how terrible is that.

  6. awwww, you got our little cutie pie, how sweet is that!


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