Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What's been going on in my craft room???

Easter, Already??? Sure, why not. I was organizing and couldn't resist Mr. Bunny. I hand colored the eggs with Copics. The dies are all Quikutz. The paper is Basic Grey.
Hi, I keep my Mom BUSY all day!!! I am always on the go. Mom has lost 6 pounds since my arrival in early November!!! I am the Jenna diet plan!
Happy 50th birthday. The candle punch is from Martha Stewart. The 50 is Snow Day from Quickutz. The charm is Making Memories.
What's Brewing? is from A Muse art stamps. The foam is Flower Soft. The pint glass is Quickutz St. Patrick's set for the Revolution.
I love you mower, is computer generated text, and the stamp is A Muse art stamps again.
Here is our tree.
Here are some of the cookies I made this year. The ones on the left are my favorites. They have orange zest in them and then are rolled in cornmeal. The center cookies are buttery and the icing is 7 tbs. of fresh squeezed lemon juice and powdered sugar. The cornmeal cookies with the fresh, homemade cranberry jam are DELICIOUS as well, and the little wrinkly mushroom cookie is filled with espresso and so is the icing. They were supposed to be made in a Madeline pan, but I don't have one of those, so I used my mini-muffin pan. They were still tasty!!!
Here is the inside of a gatefold card I did that has the beautiful Quickutz Nativity inside. I used this die for the cards for church, but I laid out the format differently. I forgot to photograph them, so hopefully they send me one, and I can show it off!

Hope you are having a MOST excellent day! I hope you are enjoying the pre-holiday season and are done going to the mall!!! I did my shopping on-line mostly because the mall creeps me out! God's blessings for a wonderful holiday season, and a truly blessed New Year!


  1. All your creations are so fun!! I think you've got all the Seasons covered here girl!! :) You're so way ahead of me on pretty much everything here!! LOL!! HUGS

  2. Your cards are so creative! Your tree is gorgeous and your cookies look tasty!
    I am glad you are having fun with your puppy too!
    Mine keep me quite busy as well : )

  3. Jenna is so cute. I haven't done any Christmas shopping yet. I guess my Sister's gift will arrive late. Ah well. How's that closet doing? Did it stay organized? Just wondering.

  4. Where did you hide Jenna that you could get all these wonderful cards done?! They all look great, looks like all your creativity just couldn't wait to bust right out of you. Your cards are all beautiful, I would love to see the one you made for your church. ~Diane

  5. Looks like you've been busy! Everything looks great... cards, tree, puppy... everything ;)

  6. You have been so busy!!!! I am just loving your new little pup! What a cutie!

  7. have a very merry christmas and a happy new year.

  8. You are amazing. I can't believe you have baked cookies which look delish, made cards for your church which are beautiful (I saw a preview, I think, decorated your tree which is beautiful and are now making Easter cards which are really cute. You make the rest of us look like lazy bums.


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