Monday, January 25, 2010

Miss Marple Mayfly's sister needs a name!!!

This is Miss Marple Mayfly's SISTER! She needs a name now... could you give her a name?

Again, same rules apply. Leave me a comment with her name. My husband will pick the name he likes on Sunday. The winner gets the digi-stamp flying right into her mailbox... Then you can resize her, rotate her, color her, do whatever you want with her!!! Then I can post her in my KAH-Wink-E-Dink store! Thank you so much!


  1. She too is adorable! How about Miss Mabel Mayfly? But I think Mom loved Marple more, she got the better name! Take care, ~Diane

  2. Too darn cute, K! How about... Miss Magpie Mayfly? Isn't Magpie a term of endearment for Maggie? That is what Miss Marple would call a little sister... I think ;) OR... just Little Miss Magpie

  3. Oh! Plus, here's more on Magpie:
    1. either of two corvine birds, Pica pica (black-billed magpie), of Eurasia and North America, or P. nuttalli (yellow-billed magpie), of California, having long, graduated tails, black-and-white plumage, and noisy, mischievous habits.
    2. an incessantly talkative person; noisy chatterer; chatterbox.

    She looks a little mischievous, no? :)

  4. She's very cute.I would name her Angelique or Margarita.I think she would be the prettier sister who got all the attention.Bye

  5. I like the name Miss Millie Mayfly or Miss Macy Mayfly....

    :) Thanks for telling me about your freebie.. :) do you post them each week? I am just trying to decide where to link your site to what section.. :) HUGS

  6. What a little cutie! The first thing that I thought when I looked at her was, "She has the same mischevious look in her eye as my Granny Edith!" So that's what I'd name her, Edith Mayfly! =D


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