Thursday, January 21, 2010

Name the Digi Contest... and win!

Here is a card for Digital Tuesday who had this fun sketch to work with.
This image will be in my Shop Handmade Shop (KAH-Wink-E-Dink) after my husband picks the name from all the entries on Sunday!
I have a 4 inch pile of paper I am going to try to work off this month, either with my new envelope maker... or in cards. So I guess I do have a little bit of a stash. I hope you like my image. Please leave a comment with a name for her, and tell your friends!!!!
Come up with a name for my new Digi, and you will win her for free! Tell your friends. My husband will "Vote" on the winner on Sunday the 24th of January, 2010!

I am also going to start offering up freebie images, so come back often and until I get situated with definite schedule! Then, come back often anyway! Thank you!



  1. Very cute... how about... ummmm... "Miss Marple Mayfly"?

  2. Oh this is so cute loving your papers and colours and that image is just fabulous thank you so much for joining our challenge at Digital Tuesday as for the name what about 'Angel Wings'

    Lorraine x

  3. He is soooo cute! My son Anthony, likes Flapping Phil, I like Sweet Stanley. I like the 2 suggestions above mine too! ~Diane

  4. Ah cute, looks like a bumpsadaisy to me.

  5. How about Queenie Flutterby?

    This image is just so cute, Would look good in a multitude of colors.

  6. This image is adorable!!! I also love pulling up your blog and your pooch pops up - he is so darn adorable! He kinda steals the show! LOL!!!!

  7. Good for you for setting a goal of working from the stash of stuff! Your angel is adorable and now I'm going to put on my thinking cap and come up with a fabulous name!

  8. She's cute. My mind is blank right now, but I'll be thinking of a name.

  9. Love your card, such a sweet image and very pretty colours. Thank you for the comments on my blog too.

  10. Kristen,

    I'm having a hard time on this one..."Freeda Flylightly". I'm not good with names...LOL!

  11. She is darling. I think she should be called Agnes. I don't know why, but that name suits her. Don't you think.


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