Thursday, February 18, 2010

I heard a rumor...

I heard the 80s are coming back in fashion!!! I went and punked my hair a bit just for the most wonderful occasion. The color is red and copper, and in under the flash looks a bit golden. I like it. I love punky hair!!! I was trying to get a good angle of the different lengths, hence the slightly odd face!


  1. CUTE! I like it! So, if the '80's are coming back, does that mean I can get out my poodle skirt...ooops, wrong era! LOL! ;-P

  2. Wow! You look so much younger than your other photo! Love the punk do on you. So FUN!!!


  3. Too cute girl! You wear it well!
    :0) XOXO,Julie.

  4. You know how I love the 80's. I still do Mall Bangs. You're a doll.

  5. Very stylish. You look so cute in this cut. You have one of those wonderful faces that looks good in any cut. CUTENESS.

  6. Love the 80's!! I was heavy metal big hair. Remember the nylon zipper pants!? LOL

    Your post on DCRU today was fantastic! You rock girl!! Have a great day! You look mah-va-lous!!

    Cara DCRU DT

  7. You look so darn cute and yes, you would have been absolutely spot on for the 80's (I should know, that was my decade, lol- and I have the neon jewelry, fondness for mousse and big hair, and love of all 80's music to prove it!)

    BTW, love the pic of Jenna baby!

  8. Wow Kristen, I love the color and the cut really rocks! Gwen is right, you look so much younger in this do, I love it! I love the new blog banner too! Take care, ~Diane


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