Friday, February 5, 2010

Soup to Nuts... I finished a project!

It is finished...
The perpetual calendar that I started 2 years ago that is!

I added the names that weren't in there, and no longer have an excuse to miss any birthdays or anniversaries!!!
The Order of the Opus Gluei
had a challenge this week of Soup to Nuts.
Either start a project...
OR Finish one!
I am GOING to start a cookbook of my favorite recipes, but have not started that, but I will post it as I get going.
Thank you for the inspiration Jana and Rosemary!


  1. I love your perpetual calendar. It's perfect. I kept looking for the butterflies on your calendar. I thought you had punched out a gazillion. I smacked my head when I realized it was a digi border. DUH!!! Thank you so much for playing with us again. LOVE your creativity.

  2. This is a fantastic idea and I've always wanted to do one because I'm notorious for remembering the birthday - the day after! This would keep me up to date and less embarrassed! Good for you, Kristen, you are always doing something cool!


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