Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's a Scrappy Day... Feature of one of our DT members!

Scrappy is another of our design team members. She is an extremely energetic, creative person, and is constantly thinking of things she wants to learn, make or try. She has a very eclectic style, so she is always willing to try something new and see what happens.

Scrappy's friendly demeanor, and her odd ball sense of humor is infectious! She is currently serving on SIX design teams, and posts toher blog everyday - sometimes several times a day! We are totally convinced that she either has a staff (a la Martha Stewart), and/or that she doesn't sleep!

Her enthusiasm for stamping has led her to coordinate crops, arrange luncheons, and even host and organize stamp conventions! She is proud to be an original core member of Splitcoaststampers infamous 'Stamp Ho's' - a tightknit group of diehard stampers! She just LOVESto stamp with other stampers, and has met many 'stamping buddies' online, and made new friends at crops and craft stores!
Scrappy been known to stamp on vacation, on her birthday, even in the car! She stamps nearly EVERYDAY and does it EVERYWHERE! She hates to 'waste time' that could be put to better use. So she has 'travel kits' ready to grab so she can color and create on the go! She admits that she has sold quite a few cards while she colors in waiting rooms, at Starbucks, at the doctors office, and even at her daughter's preschool!
Scrappy finds respite from the mundane and the stressors or daily life in her stamping. She says her happy place is "wherever I can stamp!" We are so glad that she has found her 'Happy Place' with us here at KAH-wink-E-dink!

Have a Great Day!


  1. We're so happy and fortunate to have her on our team! I agree she must have a staff though! I wondered how she found the time! The travel kits are an inspiration! Not only does she make a ton of cards but they are all beautiful too! Love you lot's Scrappy! ~Diane

  2. Awww! Thanks everyone! :) Glad to be able to help out with my 'kit tip'! :) At first everyone stares...but that's just because they are jealous! ;) So proud to be part of the KWED team!


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