Thursday, December 30, 2010

Missing you assortment for those wonderful troops!!!

I am working on some troop cards today for Operation Write Home.  
I read on their blog/facebook (not sure which) that the troops were looking for kid cards and miss you cards.  I combined these ideas into one and made this assortment of cards.
I got the inspiration from Paper Craft UK July 2009 issue.  It had some circle punch headed kids.  You just cut some free handed clothes and accessories, and draw some stick arms and legs.  I used smaller circle punches for the feet and hands.
A while ago one of my best friends, who is hispanic, told me that no one makes any decorations or ornaments or anything like that for people other that white.  I noticed she is right, so I made my cards to try and reflect a more diverse group of kids.  Not all those soldiers are white... I am glad she brought this to my very white attention.
I hope these are enjoyed... I know I enjoyed making them, in fact I am going to make some more right now.
Also, on the CDAC, I am featuring a challenge where 5 free digi images from the KWED store are at stake.  Go on over there and check it out.  


  1. I hope the cards with dark skin goes to people with the same color skin. I can't imagine they do, since there's so many cards coming in from card makers. It just makes it so much nicer that someone thought of it.

  2. These are fabulous, what a cool assortment for the kids, great job! Thanks for playing in our challenge at Operation Write Home too!

  3. Great idea, they look awesome! ~Diane


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