Saturday, May 28, 2011

Invitation for a Cookout!

I stamped the grill and text image on a plain white card.  I drew the smoke cloud around the text stamp.  I colored this in with Copic Markers, leaving a raw edge.  I used a silver gel pen on the "metal" areas of the grill.

The photo was altered in Photoshop by selecting the card, inversing the selection to select the background only, and then adding a motion blur to diffuse the background and emphasize the card.

It is really gloomy here in the Chicago area and not quite 60*F.  I wouldn't mind grilling this weekend though.  We have an indoor grill for the winter months, besides our trusty (and well loved) Weber if need be.  I hope you are having a most wonderful weekend so far.

God bless the troops that are serving now, those who have served, and those who died to protect us.


  1. Grilling does sound good...maybe we can work that in for the weekend.
    I really like the way you have done the background...looks great!!!
    It was good to hear from you....AWESOME that you have a 4.0!! You Go Girl!!! 8-)

  2. Love this card Kristen! Wish it were warm enough and dry enough to cook out here!


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