Monday, May 30, 2011

Where do Sugar Skulls come from???

A new digi can be found on a new post... go take a peak for it!!!

Happy Memorial Day!  Here is another freebie for you to enjoy!  It won't be up long, so grab it while it's here!  Enjoy.

I can't wait to put a 1/3 pound medium rare and cheesy burger into my tummy!  Hope you are enjoying your holiday!

God bless our troops!!!!  Thank you, each and everyone of you... past, present and future!  Hoorah!


  1. Kristen this image scares me a bit....LOL!!!

  2. LOVE your sugar skull. Thanks for the freebie. Hope your burger was tasty. We had ribs. MMMMMM Delish.

  3. Hope your burger was half as tasty as this sugar skull.... thanks Kristen.


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