Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy June 1st!

Happy June 1st.  It is hard to believe the year is half over already!!!  

We are finally getting some warmer weather here in the NW suburbs of Chicago.... 
Last week I don't think it got above 60, and it rained most of the week.  Here is to a warmer and brighter month than the last.  

I am taking summer courses, but only 2 of them.  1 is only 5 weeks so I am hoping to get out and about more.  I have neglected my blogger friends all school year... so I hope to find you and catch up soon!


  1. wow words of wisdom that is awesome and thanks glad to have some time to breath myself .

  2. You're going to have a very busy five weeks! Good luck in your classes, I know you will do well!

    Your card is really good - very upbeat and happy - like you.

    Glad you are making time to still get your crafty on!

  3. What a great card...really like the bright colors!!


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