Sunday, July 31, 2011

Farmer's Market and Card Making... an awesome weekend!

 We went to the Farmer's Market yesterday.  I grew up with a huge garden and no longer have one... so I really miss fresh veggies.  I made this omelet this morning.  It has fresh and delish tomatoes, summer squash and mushrooms.  So yummy!
Here are a couple of cards I made today.  I am playing with my fonts and die-cut machine.  I wish I had more fonts, but I think I may start creating stuff with the computer, and then adding in some die-cut shapes.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend, and hope you have a Blessed week!

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  1. that food looks delish...we are doing the farmer's market this morning soon as those kids get out of that atmosphere...and the veggies etc...your cards are great too!


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