Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mini books are addictive!!!

I found a fun pattern for making these mini books at
There were lots of variations to look at... 

 Here are some inside views of a 4x4 book I made.
 Here is the bird book's cover
 A bright book... 
I wouldn't use this thick or stiff of ribbon again...just a thought!

 Here is the backside of a 4x6 book all about Cowboys!
 The quotes are from a Rusty Pickle booklet of scrapping phrases
 The pictures are all family members throughout the years in the ever 
popular Cowboy getups.
The books cover...

More of the same.

Here is a glitzy version of the 4x4 books.
The twine works real well, if you want
your book to tie closed.

Have a BLESSED day!


  1. Wow! How cute are these?! I LOVE mini books....always forget to put stuff in 'em, though....ha!

  2. Those are absolutely adoreable! I love them!


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