Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Word Cloud Cards...

 Card made with Wordle Word Cloud and then printed on Basic Grey Paper.
Easy Peasy!
 Another Card done with the Wordle Word Cloud
 UK set from Quickutz to make the phone booth... and the letters are stamped.  I accidently got the ink pad on the card while working... so I artistically improvised and inked it all over.
 The 23rd Psalm done as a Word Cloud.
 Unity Stamps... What's Shaking, and a little string to make it... interesting?
 For the card above and below... I used a set from Rusty Pickle and the photos
are my husband circa 1950-ish.  

What are you creating today???


  1. These are all great. Staying creative keeps your mind young. Me..I'm carving polymer beads today.

  2. love these cards, but where on earth is your super cool fish card? wanted to leave a comment on it, but I can't find it...anyway, it is awesome!

  3. Hey, it's me again. Just wanted to let you know that I'm starting a new blog and hope to be posting photos from some of my artist friends there. Pop on over to my regular blog and read about it. It's going to be dedicated to ALL THINGS creative. xoxo Susan

  4. All of your cards are great. I LOVE the ones with the pic's of your hubby. Too cool. BUT my fav's of this bunch are the wordle ones. HOW very creative!!!

  5. Wonderful Buch of card. I especially love the one with the wordcloud.

  6. You've been having some fun, girl! Loving these cards - esp. "...I'm going to Texas!" Such a great sense of humor.


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