Monday, January 9, 2012

Doodles on cards

I love to doodle. This card was made by first stamping the sentiment (this one is from Unity Stamps). It actually says "sun-Shine in every cup" but I changed cup into day with a pen, and drew over in every. I used a brown and a black Sharpie fine tip marker to doodle on patterned paper. I then colored with Copic markers to add some color shading and interest.

Have a Sun-Shine Day. God Bless!

The world is changed as God responds to our prayers and uses our actions.


  1. this is really the look of it...that is the kind of day we had here today...unheard of in January in my neck of the woods...such a beautiful year so far!

  2. I really am diggin' this. You have me running for my copics. Fun piece.

  3. This is beautiful! And I love your self-portrait at OG too!


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