Thursday, May 24, 2012

A bunch of cards... and announcement!

 I sent this card to friends, thanking them for the graduation gift I got... A bottle of Patron! 
Yummy over sherbet!!! I love the wood grain paper on this one. It is a nice simple card. 
The bird is a Martha Stewart felt rub-on.
 This card was made for a Card Ministry that we started at my church. I wanted to send a hello to those who maybe haven't been coming for whatever reason. It says, "Get to church!"...It says that we are thinking of them and hope all is well with them. I hope they do some good and share some happy!
 This is another one of the Card Outreach from my church. I made tulips out of oval punches. 
I saw the idea a long time ago, and would love to give credit to the one who had the original 
idea... if you see this and it's your idea... thank you! I used some typed paper for a different 
effect. I thought it looked pretty neat.
 I haven't sent this to anyone yet... but I LOVE my new hot air balloon stamp from Unity Stamp Co!
My friend 1 Card Creator made the shaving cream paper that I used for this card. 
I thought it worked well with the umbrellas! 

Announcements... I got a job! I am officially a Graphic Designer! A paid one! 

I hope you got inspired, even a little bit today with my simple cards! Have a great day!!!

Godly laughter lightens and brightens the spirit.


  1. These are all beautiful Kristen. I am so very proud of you for following your dream and graduating and for getting a job in that field! Thanks for the shout out. CONGRATULATIONS! Yes that is right I am yelling it! So proud of you! ~Diane

  2. YAY! Congrats on the new job! That is so awesome!

    Your cards are so nice. Great!


  3. k...not sure what happened...had a little computer glitch (probably pressed a wrong button somewhere) I was starting to say...I love the hot air balloon stamp too...fabulous

    congrats on the new job and getting paid for what you worked so hard towards! that is spectacular...hope it all goes so well for you!!!

  4. So proud of you for finishing your studies AND getting a new job! Hooray and good luck on it!

    Your cards are terrific, I like the Thinking of You card for the church ministry, that's a great idea.

  5. WHISTLE, CLAP, CHEER! I am so happy for you! You'll be a wonderful graphic designer-these cards are proof of that! I like the new blog look. And your card at Opus Gluei. Nice to see you happily creating again!


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