Monday, October 8, 2012

A recipe for delicious!

Here is a recipe that I tried. I thought you may want to try it as well.
It was so delicious. It reheated well, and would also make a great 
make ahead meal. I got the recipe from the Whole Foods coupon flyer
at the store entrance.

I want to make a booklet of all my favorite recipes that I try. I am 
putting them into Adobe and adding the recipe and ingredients to my own
photographs. This was definitely a winner!

This is another recipe that I made.
It has a cherry balsamic reduction on top. It was so tasty.
I had the photo, but now I have to find this recipe to add into my book!!!
I will be on the lookout and will repost when I find it!


  1. What a fun project. Making your own cookbook. If anyone has the skills for it, you certainly do. Onward!


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