Sunday, November 11, 2012

A sheet of stickers and BAM!!!

I bought a sheet of SRM stickers the other night, it wasn't my first sheet.. but this was a Christmas Words set. I have been making my yearly Christmas cards that I send, and those I make for my parents.
It was amazing at how quickly a stack of cards started appearing to my wondering eyes! 
I used a variety of papers some Stampendous and Stampin' Up! stamps 
and bunches of love. I have over half of my Christmas cards done... and I send many.
I have some made for my mother and dad, they need twenty.
I am also making cards for a friend and her family who are in need right now...
The ladies from my church are putting on a craft show to raise money to help them with 
the financial effects of cancer. Their is hope on the horizon for this family... but a pile of bills.
It is always nice to help out others. Usually I send my cards to OWH... but I am concentrating my
efforts on a closer to home battle right now. Please enjoy the cards, get inspired... copy scrap if you'd like. May your crafty endeavors be truly blessed.


  1. You made great cards Kristin! So sweet of you to remember your friend and donate to her need. Good luck with the sale.

  2. Very nice. Hope you ladies raise a bunch of money for your friend. Nice that this type of thing still happens.

  3. Wow, your cards turned out wonderful for this great project, I hope it turns out to exceed your expectations!


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