Wednesday, December 19, 2012

SRM Calendar 2013 for a friend

For liking and sharing at SRM on Facebook and their blog I won the 
2013 calendar sticker sheet set. This is my creation with those stickers. 
I also used some New Year stickers from SRM. All the artwork is 
mine, either original or study of another artist. The stamps are from Our Daily Bread.

February is a study of Matisse. I drew this with chalk

Birthday card tuck in example...

March is a watercolor.
The above photo is of my friend Lisa.
She is getting this calendar for Christmas.
It will be her 40th birthday this March.
I tucked in birthday cards for her and each of her family 
members on their birth months.

Pencil Sketch

April is an Anime sort of sketch color with Copic Markers. Lisa, the receiver of this calendar has always wanted some of my artwork. She is very into Christianity too, so I tried to incorporate passages and hymns with the artwork.

June and July is a weird paper cutting project I did while in school. Every time an image overlapped the color had to change to show the outcome of the two colors mixed together. It had to look like transparent sheets were used even though it was opaque paper.

I drew this heron in Adobe Illustrator. I love this piece, it took 3 weeks to complete.

More Anime drawing. This is Lisa's Anniversary month. 

Here is December with a simple finish. The cover to last year's Christmas stamps.

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  1. Hi,
    I want to thank you for your lovely x-mas sending to me! I was so busy before and during x-mas so, now I want to say happy new your to you and your family!


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