Saturday, September 21, 2013

I got nothing else done today... but got to be creative.

I see lots of these long necked girls. I thought I would try one. 
I think it is cute, but someone else's style. 
It was very fun to try.
I put it in my art journal with reasons why I need to keep busy.

13 of 29

This is acrylic on paper.
I put the shading in for the face, and honestly,
I liked it like that. She looks a bit edgy
maybe more so without a true detailed face.

Shadowy Character
14 of 29

This is an older drawing in my journal, so I am not counting it toward my 29
but I thought I would share it anyway.
Pencil on paper with an acrylic painted background
that says 
Will I ever learn to laugh once again?

Number 15 of 29
is a pencil and marker combo

Moves like Jagger


  1. I love "The Flights"...
    Oh, no, now I can't go back Your site to look at more.
    But this little painting is so alive, it is the best without face. I can imagine the faces. The position shows me that girl knows what She wants and She is going to tell it someone.

    I like the long neck girl, too. It is different, but great.

  2. Thanks your visit in my blog!
    You have so nice and versatile pictures here.

  3. I love the long necked girl! She's fun and adorable!

  4. Every one of these is so original and interesting, each in its own way. You have a great drawing style, and I'm so glad I have found you and will be sure to come again and again. I hope that you really will learn to laugh again. I liked them all, but that was my favourite, because a few months ago I felt like that, but the laughter has come back.


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