Sunday, September 29, 2013

Nearing the end of September's 29 faces challenge!!!

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Deep in Thought

pencil on paper

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Don't Forget to Breathe

Acrylic on paper.
Sometimes I need to remind myself to take a breath,
sometimes I have to keep reminding myself. 
It should just happen involuntarily, right?

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Pencil on paper.
Bringing a simple line to a little more movement
and getting more dimention as I evolved.

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Acrylic on paper.
The paint from the other page wasn't dry when I closed the sketch book.
I could touch this up and fix it, but....
I like the reminder that I am not always perfect
and can always be fixed!

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Hat Girl

pencil on paper

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Pencil on paper
We always wish it could be more this way than that.

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Glamour Mag

Here is a bald man waiting for the doctor or a train maybe?
He picked up a discarded woman's magazine.
It looks like it could almost be his head.
He likes the articles, but would never admit it.

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Game On

The DH watching the game.
I didn't do him justice!

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Round Head

I saw this quote and couldn't help but draw on its page
in my prompted quote sketchbook a Ziggy-esque
character. A very good thought, in my opinion.

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I have 2 more sketches to do and 1 and a half days left.
I thought I wasn't going to make it... but I really am!

I have to make sure to get out and check out everyone else's creations as well.
Happy and Blessed day, everyone!


  1. I have had fun looking at your faces. Love them all, your hubby's face is quite nice and the ones of you are my favorites. Happy end of September!

  2. Very interesting serie! It is good to can draw different position and different colors.
    I like number 16 especially.
    Only two left, You can do it, yes :-)

  3. What a great mix of portraits! So many styles and mediums! Love that you mix it up. :)

  4. Thank you visit and so nice words in my blog! I like very much your works and versatility.

  5. These str great and I love how you play with different styles. And in your pencil work, I really like your stroke ~ great energy!

  6. I love the variety in your work. They are all so different yet all are great.


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