Saturday, September 21, 2013

Running out of days, lots of faces yet to make!

A little pointillism and a barrette. 
At our house we call them bar-bars.

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A Good Read

A good book on a Saturday afternoon.
Nothing could be better, right?
Maybe doing some arty / craftiness?

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Block Head

Completely made out of squares and rectangles... it's Block Head.
She is actually quite intelligent, thank you very much.
She was also quite fun to make. I felt like a kid playing with that early 
computer art program on Windows called Paint. 

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  1. The Good Read is really great drawing, caricatyre. I like it very much. Very good lines and face.
    All are wonderful. You have time, don't be hurry :-)

  2. Very fun, I love the way every one of your drawings or paintings is so different - you have a true talent.


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