Friday, September 6, 2013

There are days like this, momma said

Have a nice trip,
see you next fall!

When I was two or so I fell down the stairs in the basement.
I Photoshopped some cracks and did some color layers.
Also that eye was dodged to look worse for wear.


  1. This is really disturbing--I can barely stand to look at it. I want to snatch that child up, and kiss her, and make everything better.

    My favorite one so far is #2--I really like how you broke up the spaces, and the colors you used.

  2. Very touching portrait of a hurt child. Awesome!

  3. A very clever re-interpretation of the photograph. I wonder if you remember the fall.
    Thank your for your lovely in-depth comment on my blog, much appreciated.

  4. Oh, poor little girl. Very touching workout.

    I like painting about four classes, too :-)
    Greetings from Finland!

  5. Scary stuff I hope those craks healed! I like what you did with it very catching. ManonX

  6. Ha! Clever :)

    Poor little thing! Love it.


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