Saturday, February 8, 2014

Faces 8,9,10,11 of 29 for 29 Faces of February


Fun games we had as kids???
Jumprope, paddle ball, lemon, and clackers.
Alright, maybe not real fun, but we were outside
playing in the sunshine. 
This was a fun quick doodle of 4 different kids
and their intense, at play faces.

I guess I could call it 4 faces.


  1. Such energy in those kids, a cute work!!

  2. I think you could very well call it 4 faces. I love each one of those adorable faces. They remind me that jump rope, marbles, chase, etc were fun before we got into the electronic era.

  3. I remember clackers! I never knew what they were called though.
    Wish I had the energy of these four!

    Definitely four distinctly different little faces :)

  4. I LOVE these children - they would look great in a story book!

  5. Oh, the fun we had with simple 'toys'.

  6. I love it - it made me smile. Thank you!


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