Tuesday, February 4, 2014

No more love on the run....

Caribbean Queen
now we're sharing the same dream...
If it wasn't just about the face... I would
have drawn those painted on jeans.

In the blink of an eye, you could know 
her number and her name... 

but to me
she is
Caribbean Queen

I drew her and colored her with Copics on patterned paper.
I then uploaded her into Photoshop and did some dodge and burn
then I painted with the brush tool. It was a something new for me.

Thank you Billy Ocean and your song for inspiration.


  1. I really like this painting. I often combine the paper painted piece with computer work. In fact, the one I am posting today is like that/.

  2. Great hair and eyes! Love the colors too.

  3. She is just fab ! Wish I was close to some caribbean island today.

  4. I've never tried editing my art on the computer, apart from cropping and resizing for prints and that hardly counts.
    Might have to give it a try, you make it sound easy.

  5. Caribbean Queen is certainly beautiful and so very well painted.


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