Friday, February 14, 2014

Number 12, 13, and 14 of 29 faces in February

 A Zentangle with sharpie on patterned paper

Bubble Bath Baby

I had to try a drawing of a baby. They are hard to draw!!!
I did this on one of the tutorial programs on YouTube.
This is pencil on paper

Deep in Thought

Colored pencil on paper.
I forced myself to do some extra hair.
I would love to draw good hair! 
Practice, practice, practice.


  1. Babies are hard to draw, also children! The proportions of body are challenging. You've done a great job, I'd just would like to cuddle that tiny bubble-baby!

    The Zentangle is great, your hand doesn't tremble, I see!

    I usually manage to draw bad hair day, so also practice here!

  2. I love the variety in your paintings - woman, man, baby. Impressive!!

  3. I really like the zentangle one--interesting patterns.

    I agree about babies being really hard to draw, and I think what it is is that their faces are such a small percentage of their heads, way smaller than adults. If an adult face is HALF of their head, a baby's is....I actually don't know the percentage, as I've never spent much time drawing babies.

  4. The zentangle face is beautiful. I tried a baby too. The finished piece does not look all that babyish. Did not think it would be that hard.

  5. Wonderful, I especially love the zentangle lady. I haven't tried to draw a baby in a long time, they are definitely challenging. I think you did great with the hair on the man's face.

  6. Love all the faces you did. I think your baby is better than the one I had done. They are difficult.

  7. Wow, you are so talented. All your faces look wonderful and, you are right, they are not easy to draw. Fabulous work.

  8. Love the little baby...
    And the zentangle-inspired piece is amazing...

  9. Wow! great faces. My favourite here is the zentangle face - very awesome

  10. Three very different images and all wonderful!

  11. Great work, love the zentangle face.


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